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What isDanino®?

Danino yogurt is bursting with flavours and is a source of calcium and vitamin D. It's the perfect treat for snack time or dessert.

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Nutrition & Ingredients

Danino drinkable yogurt

Danino drinkable yogurt is a source of calcium and vitamin D. Each little bottle contains 3 g of protein and 9 g of sugar. Danino is an ideal snack made especially for kids.*
*When eaten as part of a balanced diet and healthy lifestyle.

Look up the nutritional information per serving for Danino Drinkable.

What are the package sizes of Danino drinkable yogurt?

Danino drinkable yogurt comes in small dinosaur-shaped bottles that are easy for kids to hold and carry with them wherever they go.* It is available in convenient multipacks of 8x93 ml servings.

*The product needs to be kept refrigerated.

Nutrition and Ingredients

Click on a flavour to see its nutrition facts:

Danino comes in packages of six.

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